How to Take Certified Nurses Aide Test from Red Cross

Once you decide to become Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) to work in a nursing home, hospice, long term care facility and others; you should assess yourself first if you really like to do this kind of job. Being a CNA you are expected to be patient, problem solver, treat the resident with respect and dignity, able to perform all the skills in taking care of the patients or residents. Below are some tips based on my experience on how to pass CNA (skills and written test).
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How to Avail Free Certified Nurses Aide Course

Health related jobs are still in demand. It is one of the careers that are still hiring and it pays good. Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) is a good start if you are looking for health care jobs. There are also ways to take the course or training for free.
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Received my Employment Authorization Card

To monitor my Case Status Online, I visited the USCIS website and register to received my case status updates via email.

Below is my Adjustment of Status Timeline:

August 26, 2008 - Mailed AOS package

Sept. 04, 2008 - NOA date

October 04, 2008 - Original Schedule for Biometrics

October 31, 2008- Change to this date and finally Biometrics DONE

November 18, 2008 - Received email about my case status Approval Notice was mailed by USCIS

November 20, 2008 - Received my Employment Authorization CARD.

Facts about Employment Authorization Card:

You are authorized to work consistent with any conditions shown on the card until it expires.

  • If you apply for a job, you may show your card to the employer to show you are authorized to work while the card is valid.

  • If you are already employed and this card extends your employment authorization, you may show this new card to your employer to show that your work authorization has been extended.
Sample of EAD card

K1 Biometrics Done!

Whew! At last my Biometrics was done! After a month of waiting for the re-schedule. It was not as complicated as I thought while preparing the requirements.

Firstly, I brought the following:

  • My Photo ID - driver's license
  • Notice of Action or Appointment Letter
  • My passport

They did not asked for my passport. But I advice those who do not have biometrics to follow what was stated in the NOA or Notice of Action letter.

I did not bring camera and cellphone as stated but I did not see any machine there to detect those gadgets or nobody asked me if I have those gadgets.

The worse thing that would happen if you do not have a cellphone and you are not from Honolulu, it would be difficult to call for a taxi, I can not find some telephone both there. Good thanks that a stranger waiting for a bus in a bus stop dialed the taxi number that was given to me from the airport.

The whole procedure just took less than 10 minutes.

The next thing that I worried about was my flight schedule in going back to Kauai Island, 3 hours of waiting in the airport but I was able to handle it by changing the flight schedule and paid $25. That's it. Jetlog